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What Is Thread Count, and What Is Its Importance? And Why Should You Get Your Next Bedding Only From Us?

What Is Thread Count, and What Is Its Importance? And Why Should You Get Your Next Bedding Only From Us?

How much Does the Thread Count of Your Sheets are Important?

Whether you are an expert or a novice, this blog will help you better understand what thread count is, how important it is, and most importantly, how much you should pay for it.

It is believed that a good night's sleep guarantees a good day. And good bedding is a guarantee for a good night's sleep.

What exactly makes good bedding great? And what makes great bedding luxurious? What the thread count has to do with it? And why order from us?

We promise that you will have answers to all of these questions by the end of this blog.

Let's start with the first question - what makes good bedding great?

As you may have read on our other blog: "What are The Different Bedding Fabrics? And What are The Differences Between Them?" (if you didn't read it, you defiantly should)

There are quite a few materials from which most of the bedding offered today to the general public is made. And as you may have noticed, some fabrics are more suitable for you than others, and there are some that we would not recommend even to people we do not really like. An excellent example of excellent material is Egyptian cotton, and it's true that it is not cheap; however, that's precisely the point - a lot of thought and work is invested in good bedding, which is exactly what makes good bedding great!

What makes great bedding luxurious?

In fact, several factors will make excellent bedding luxurious. First and foremost, the quality of the fabric yarns, as we mentioned earlier, is a crucial factor. However, the thread count is not a less important factor! So let's understand for a moment what it really is. Thread count is the count of the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric, which indicates the density of the fabric. The higher the density of the fabric, the final product, which in this case is your bedding, will be softer, more comfortable, and will serve you for a very long time.

Therefore, when having a 400 Thread Count in warp and weft, there are 400 overlapping threads for every square inch. And what if you have 800 or even 1200? In this case, we are getting high-quality and luxurious cotton satin bedding. Luxury hotels, for example, use high thread count bedding at these levels to give their customers the high-end indulgence and pampering we all deserve. So to make a long story short – Thread Count is what makes great bedding luxurious!

The price will always be accordingly when it comes to high thread count. And in this case, it is not because the manufacturer wants to charge more just because it is so decided, but because the higher the thread count, the greater the amount of material invested in the product, and the more material there is, the price increases accordingly. There are no tricks and shortcuts in this matter, and there will never be!

And that brings us to the last topic for today, why should you order your luxurious and cozy bedding from us?

Many people and we are among them, really like to sleep in hotels because of the quality of the luxurious bedding. And frankly, that's exactly what got us into this business; at first, we were looking to create the same levels of pampering sleep we get in hotels - in our own home. And we have succeeded in this task. After countless mistakes in choosing fabrics, suppliers, and manufacturers, we have been able to find the best manufacturers in the world who produce elite products for luxurious homes and hotels. And after quite a few efforts, we were able to reach with them excellent supply agreements directly from the manufacturer to the consumer to lower costs and make these luxurious products accessible to everyone. As a result, we promise you the highest qualities you have experienced only in the most luxurious hotels, and for the lowest prices we have been able to find!